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Genesis circle-Terminal Services Manager 1.00

Genesis circle-Terminal Services Manager 1.00: GenesisCricle-Terminal Services Manager TSM would assist you in being more effective by managing your servers. TSM saves the connection profile of each server saving a lot of time and not having to remember them anymore, hence saving your precious time.

GenesisCircle - E-Mail Move To 1.00: GenesisCricle- E-Mail Move To
GenesisCircle - E-Mail Move To 1.00

Genesis Circle take the utmost care to come up with applications which will keep you on the top of your league and the "E-Mail Move To" will do just that for you. 2. UNIQUE FEATURES: EMT enables you to move E-Mails to a destined folder without having to drag them or having to copy then, navigate to folders that may be several levels deep. It also sends the E-Mails to a folder of any depth in a single click without navigating through the folders.

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GC - StoneEdge Buy.Com Bridge 1.00: GC - StoneEdge Buy.Com Bridge
GC - StoneEdge Buy.Com Bridge 1.00

GC – StoneEdge Buy.Com Bridge is a simple and useful tool to update the order status in from StoneEdge. It gets the order details from and imports it into StoneEdge database. When the status of the order is changed on StoneEdge the status gets pushed to automatically.

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GC Assign Activity for MS CRM 4.0 1.00: GC - Assign Activity to Multiple Accounts for MS CRM 4.0
GC Assign Activity for MS CRM 4.0 1.00

GC - Assign Activity to Multiple Accounts for MS CRM 4.0 is a simple but very handy add-on for Microsoft CRM 4.0. It lets you add any type of the following tasks to multiple accounts in one shot. * Task * Fax * Phone Call * E-Mail * Letter * Appointment * Campaign Response

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GC - ConnectWise FastActivities 1.00: GC - ConnectWise FastActivities
GC - ConnectWise FastActivities 1.00

GC - ConnectWise FastActivities is a very useful tool to add a sales activity to ConnectWise. The application sits in the system tray of your system. One click and it opens. Here you enter the subject, select company, select date, select your team member to whom you want to assign it, add notes and click on Submit. That is it. It adds a sales activity to ConnectWise.

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Route E-Mail Queue 1.00: Route E-Mail Queue
Route E-Mail Queue 1.00

Are you looking to route incoming e-mail requests to multiple mailboxes on your helpdesk so the work is not duplicated?GC Route E-Mail Queue is just the product you are looking for. It is based on Microsoft Exchange E-mail server. You configure the main mailbox that receives all incoming e-mail. The application then assigns these e-mails in random or round robin order to a set of configured mailboxes.

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Icon Genesis 1.1.027: Icon Genesis brings 'Live!' Interactive and Animated 3D Icons to your PC.
Icon Genesis 1.1.027

Genesis brings revolutionary, and easy to use icon management; and takes advantage of today’s high performance PCs by introducing "Live!" Interactive and 3D Animated Icons. Icon Genesis replaces outdated static icons with the next generation "Live!" Icons. Icon Genesis lets icons interact with mouse cursor by with beautiful 3D animations. Icon Genesis seamlessly integrates into Windows XP and features easy to use GUI Interface; which lets user quickly

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